THIS EDIT IS A LITTLE LATE: We are of course back online!   Hey there, TPM here, its been a while since we backed up our entire dedicated server, so its time! If you weren’t aware our single box runs our website, and 3 minecraft servers so needless to say its pretty essential to everything…

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Welcome to the final frontier!

A YOGSCAST inspired mod pack centered around space.
Over 50 mods including shaders and more!

What its really about...

”When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.”

Alan Shepard

Human civilization has always wanted to visit the unknown, its in our DNA, so what better a centric item for a mod pack than the moon. No greater item have so many countries worked together to achieve a common goal, and that is what I believe this mod pack is all about, mankind working together to make it to the moon, some will be aggressive and some will be strategic, how you play is up to you so we hope you enjoy!

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